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Tuesday, January 02, 2001

TUTORIAL[2]: Where to find a tackle shop?

Tackle shops in Singapore congregate around two main areas:-
Changi Village and Beach road.

Shops in changi is a good area to get cheaper stuff. They are usually open early in the morning and will close at 11pm. They sell live prawns and sarong worms. Dead bait also can be gotten here. If you are using prawn meat, it is best to get it from a tackle shop. These people know better how to keep the bait fresh.

There are more shops in Beach road area. However, there is only 1 shop that sells live prawns and that is Hot Spot. There are more specialized shops in Beach road like Coho for fly fishing, AO for heavy boat fishing, Angler's Hut for popping and Lure heaven for luring. Joe Tackle, Hock guan, Sabre, Daiwa are good shops for general fishing items. Shops in Beach road open late (10am?) and close early. By 8pm, most would have closed shop.

Here is a listing of shops, but may not be up to date.

Listing of tackle shops in Singapore

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