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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Stuff - Black Rose & Zauber

Just got this from a forumer. I was thinking of a spinning luring rod. All these while, I had been using my Regno Plus. Wanted to add another rod to my light arsenal when I go luring. My other light rod is too light, more suited for tamban jigging. Chanced upon this post, and the offering seemed quite good. A Blackrose and a Zauber set for $90. I responded and asked if he was ok with $80. Half a day past, and he replied to deal tomorrow.

His description of the condition was quite accurate. 7/10, 8/10. But the reel had a brand new spare spool and with that, the reel looked new again, although some parts of the paint was peeling. The Blackrose was quite good condition, only defects were the cork was darken in some places, and the Black rose sticker was peeling. Otherwise, the guides all looked new.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Zauber was a very smooth reel. Like better than my Sienna. Later I found out that the selling price was around $80. Hmm, not a cheap reel. I think the BlackRose was also in that region, so the deal was quite a good one. Pretty excited to use it soon.

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