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Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Stuff - Lemax Platinium & Sienna 2500

I had been lagging behind in my postings due to all the festive laziness. Here goes. Got myself a Lemax Platinium for ~$50 to replace my Rapala which I had sold the day just before my kelong trip. This time round, wanted to try a different length, so went for a 6'6" one. First fish was a nice sized bream, not bad at all. Felt good and I used this rod to get my todak at the kelong.

I also gotten a Sienna yesterday. Had seen this at the tackle shop at West Coast, and quite liked the looks of it. Asked around and got it slightly cheaper at CV, Riverland. Spooled it with pink fireline and it felt cool. Haven't gotten the chance to wet it yet. Not too sure why I got this since I have only 2 spinning rod. But I thot a slightly bigger size than my current Aerlex would be a better fit for my 6'6". Just learnt from the uncle at Riverland that Sienna is the best amongst the budget shimano reels, the order being Alivio, Slade and Sienna. It felt very smooth with it four bearings. Also realized that my Aerlex and Navi are actually not budget reels, more high end than my Sienna. Unfortunately my Navi spool is now dented, still thinking if I should replace the spool.

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