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Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Stuff - Got Back My Platinium, Whoppee

Was at Taman Jurong Regal Tang Tackle Shop last week looking at a 7ft Platinium, but lady said don't have. All over out of stock, except for HotSpot. But I wasn't too trusting of HotSpot pricing, the last purchase of my Regno Plus turned out $10 more than other shops. Wanted to order, but she couldn't be sure about the stock. Today, was there browsing as I happened to be around. To my surprise, there it was, a 7ft Platinium. Seemed that the shop had brought it in upon my request. Price tag was $64, but lady said got 15% discount, and it would be $54. HotSpot was going at $52. But no matter, $2 more was quite ok. Now my set is complete again. :)

This one is longer than the one I broke, a 6'6" version.

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