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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Safra Club with New Toys

D had a twisted neck this morning and couldn't go for her swimming lessons. Well, we drove down to Beach road to have our morning cuppa, and I popped into Joe tackle for some fishing tackle shopping. I was looking for a more springier rod for a while, and I asked for some recommendations. Most of the rods that they reccomended were quite stiff, and the only one that fitted the bill is lemax storm legend. It looked quite ok, except that I did't quite like the guides, and it would cost $95. I decided to think about it and ended up just buying some new lines. Got this Berkley trillene big game in electric blue :).

From there, I went in to Hot Spot to check out the rods. The uncle was there and he did recommended me a few that seemed quite good. I went through quite a few Shimanos like the Bass One, Exage etc. Finally he showed me Ryobi Regno. Interesting, the guy in the forum reccomended me this. It felt good and the spring was there. Price wise, after discount, came to $110. [later found out that Seatackle would have been $100. Argh].Given my good experience with my other Ryobi Bass Love rod, I said ok.

We drove to Safra club at tenah merah and was quite lucky to get the limited spot of parking. An earlier group was there, and I saw the guy caught a medium sized stingray. I didn't have much luck as the water was like the last time, very choppy. The sun was out, but the wind was strong and it didn't feel so hot. I decked myself out with my cap and sunglasses to protect from the harmful UV rays. After a while, the earlier group left and there came another lorry with people for fishing. And what do you know, it was the same group I met the last time. :). They recognised me but we didn't talk much, just some smiles. Later, to my surprise, the older man came over and gave D a pack of smarties. Very generous of him. From then, the ice was broken, and we became quite friendly. He invited us to join their BBQ, but I of course politely refused.

I caught a flounder shortly after they arrived, and I think they were quite impressed with my "fishing" skills. :P. From what I see, I don't think they had caught anything, all the time they were there. And they had like 4 to 5 rods all over the place.

I tried out my new luring rod and was quite satisfied with it. I could zipped the lure further now and the action was quite good. But I accidentally dropped the rod and scratched it on my first use. *haz*

We explored the track running into the park and saw people blading and cycling. D went to get her blades and did some blading. The entire track is about 1.3 km and looked interesting.

I left the place around 4.30pm and we went back to Changi V for some food and drinks. D wanted to do her "jump jump". Seeing that I had been always bringing them to fishing recently, I said ok and we went to Downtown east for some civilised activities.

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