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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Changi Ferry Terminal

Headed for changi beach again today. My last time, I did managed to get a "giant sillago" which was not bad. So, parked myself around the same area, away from the main crowd of surf rods further up. Weather was very fine, sort of an overcast sky, looking like rain, but it didn't. But I couldn't cast far beyond the wavy waters, so no luck with any catches. But everytime, I reeled back, the wat wat baits were gone. Could be due to the strong wave washing the baits away. There were some bites, but I couldn't get any hook up.

Anyway, around 6pm, I decided to move to the ferry terminal area. The tide was somewhat medium and the rocks were a little exposed. Reaching there, I tossed over my light tackle line and got a very quick reaction. Pulled up, and there was a nice orangey fish and a mudskipper. This was to be the start of a quick wave of catches. I only stayed till about 7.30pm and managed to get quick a few catches. I rigged up my Rapala 6 footer and used the size 10 tamban hooks. Surprisingly, the bigger hooks were also quite fruitful. So between two rods, I managed to get in total:

2 mudskipper.

1 orange spotted fish. [edit: Blackspot Snapper]

2 silver spotted fish. [edit: Saddle Grunt]

1 flat headed funny looking fish. [edit: Fringe-eyed Flathead]

1 glass fish.
1 eel tailed catfish.

The action seemed to stopped when it got dark, and my last was to be the catfish. I decided that I had enough and packed for the night. D took home the mudskipper and kept it in the tank as a pet.

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