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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Labrador Candy

It had really been quite a long time since I visited this place. So far, I had no catches here, although I did miss one quite some time ago when I was trying for my first salty. Being an afternoon, it wasn't too wise to fish at the jetty, so I chose a spot under a shady tree near a bench along the sea wall. The water was very strong and choppy since it looked like rain anytime. In fact, before I could even setup my rod, the rain came. But it didn't last long and went away soon enough.

I had quite a lot of prawns from the previous day, so I wanted to do more big rod fishing. But been at the sea wall, couldn't cast far really. I setup my light tackle and not surprisingly, shortly after casting, there were signs of bites. I lifted the rod and strike and thought I felt a fish. But unfortunately, the hooks got sagged and I couldn't get the line up. I loosen the line and went back to my other rods hoping that it would come free. But it didn't and in the end, the leader snapped and I pulled up a broken line. This frustration was to happen for the rest of the session. The place here was so snaggy that I got snagged almost on every cast. Especially when the tide was going down and the rock were getting exposed. I stayed for a while and almost wanted to give up. My other big rods also didn't get any hits. The prawns were coming back alive. However, today, I did try something different. I rigged up a middle water rig with a small float. But no luck with it today.

Around 5.15pm, I saw that the person that was at the section of the sea wall that was kind of like protruding out to the sea (hence avoiding the rocks) was leaving. I quickly re-setup my light tackle and rigged up another sabiki hook (this was to be my 4th), and went to that area to try. I held the rod with my hand and true enough, there were lots of bites. In no time, I got a tiny fish out from the sea. [Candystripe Cardinalfish] What a relief, I had thought zero for today for sure. Feeling a little more confident, I moved all things to that area and tried to fish from there. But unfortunately, all my cast from then onwards got snagged again. Enough is enough, I gave up and packed to leave for home.

This area, I would think that there would be plenty of small fishes. But probably could only fish during the high tide. Just too many rocks. Today only, I had lost 4 sabiki hooks, a few weights and swivels.

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