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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Stuff - NASCI 4000

I was looking for a spinning reel as I am like one reel short of my many rods. Went to Joe, looked around and was comtemplating a cheap Daiwa Crossfire 3000 3ib. The i version seemed better than the normal 3b version, the difference being the digital gear. The anti reverse seemed better. But the reel didn't feel that smooth. Well, budget reel. I felt it for a long time, wondering if to just get it. But the NASCI sitting there beside also caught my eye. But of cos, the NASCI was in a different class. The reel really felt smooth, and was chio like anything. Joe gave a discount and it worked out to be $129, down from the $162 listed price. Ended up getting the NASCI.

Returning home, found that it matched my Lemax President rather well.

What the website says about it

Stylo backing


Free gift


Cristian said...

what frame(body)are shimano nasci-aluminium or graphite?

nafishnafish said...


Hybrid aluminium. :) Quite light..

Cristian said...
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