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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lab Park part 2

Jess called and asked if I was fishing. Seeing their interest to join me, I said to try Lab Park. Yesterday's session was short and Lab Park was a comfy place to meet. But at 2pm, the weather was a scorching hot day. Jess came with her four new tenants from china. Two of them were rather keen in fishing. We started mainly around the Jetty entrance at the beginning for shade. But from that angle, we had to tussle with rocks and shallow water as the tide was low at 2. One of the boys did manage to get a wrasse. Not bad under the conditions.

Two of the boys that loved fishing

A cardinal (was released)

Unusual sight of a fly fisherman here

Nice looking fish by Shawn

Tiny grouper. Just nice for my tank

Grouper take away in large Macdonalds cup

But at 4, the water started to come up. The weather then was quite breezy and overcast. We moved to the Jetty area to continue. I spied todaks around the area, and tried to get them on float. But the todaks here were intelligent and were very cautious about dead prawns floating around them. However, I did manage 2 runs, but unfortunately they lost connection. Shawn and boys had some small fishes although the fishing was rather difficult. We keep one of the small groupers alive and I brought it back to keep my archer company :)

End of the day, I the so called "expert" was fishless. :(

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