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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lab Park post renovation visit

I had heard that the Lab Park Jetty was reopening after the CNY holidays. I wanted to do some luring and took the opportunity to go for a look see to check out what had changed for the Jetty.

Still closed at night


Spankling floor

Reaching there around 6pm, apparently nothing much had changed. Only visible change was the flooring, which had a new coating of cement. The rules were still the same: No fishing on the main aisle (fine $5000!) and the jetty would be closed at 8pm.

The jetty was not the best place to be luring due to the height from the water. But nevertheless, I rigged up my new luring rig to try out. Out went my favourite crystal minnow for some swim but nothing was biting. I tried some squidding with my new Yozuri Q tiny jig, but again nothing too. But the water looked good though...the bluish green type. I spied quite a number of todaks hanging around too.

The sky turned dark rather quickly and seeing that the time was up, I packed. On the way out, saw the Jiaga coming in to shoo people out before he locked the gate for the night. Strangely, like some people didn't know and at 7.50pm, I still see some of them coming in with all their fishing barangs.

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