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Friday, September 14, 2007

New Stuff - Angel Kiss

I had read about this lure in the forum. From all the rave reviews, seemed like a good lure to add to my collection. Today, D had to go ICA to collect her passport. Since it was near beach road, I walked there from ICA to do some tackle shopping. But what do you know, all the shops I went in, Angel Kiss all sold out. Apparently there was a mad rush of demand for this. Even the old and decrepit Hock Ann also all sold out. Hmmm...must be damn good then.

D finally collected her passport after a long queue of more than 200 person. Time was already about 1pm. Even though I had already torned a $20 opc coupon, I thought to drive over to JB for some recce. There wasn't much to do in Singapore anyway. Furthermore, weather wasn't too good, and it started to rain. Definitely no chance to fish.

Season Tackle shop

Traffic was smooth, and we got over with no problems. First thing first was to have lunch. From Jusco, we drove down to plentong to check out fisherman, my favourite JB tackle shop. But along the way, for some reasons, I spotted 2 tackle shop around that area. Needless to say, must check it out. But turned out that the shop was quite small for the first one, carrying only some river2sea lure. The other one was better stocked, but mostly strikepro lures. Seeing nothing to get, I moved on to Fishermen.

Angel Kiss


And Viola! Fishermen carried some angel kiss, and had the ones that I wanted. That alone made my trip worthwhile. I also got a L-minnow, since it was like RM13. Very cheap. So now, my lure collection is getting better and better. I had wanted to swipe out all the angel kiss...but seeing that it cost RM25 a pop, not that cheap.

Having achieved my aim coming over, we pondered on what to do next. Since we were along Pasir Gudang, I decided to trek to Kong Kong for a look see. The last time I was there, I didn't have the proper equipment for small bait fishing. Maybe I could do some fishing and try out that area again.


But along the way, I spotted a pond that looked promising. I parked and walked around to recce the area. There were some people fishing there. But as I went one round, I began to realized that this was a paypond. Haha. No wonder the fishes seemed quite plentiful here. There was a small hut where you need to pay RM18 for a rod for 3 hours. I was a little tempted, but what I wanted to do was luring. Here, it was more of fresh water baiting with Kng. Not my kind of fishing.

I moved out and proceeded to Kong Kong. Reaching there, Kong Kong seemed a whole lot different. I later found out that the management had changed, and now the whole place looked cleaner with better facilities. The staff kept eyeing us to see if we wanted to have dinner. I said later, and walked around as if to check out the place. Water was very low, and you could see the sandy bottom. (low tide at that time). Anyway, I don't think this new management would allow us to fish, although I didn't quite ask.

From kong kong, I drove around to explore the area. There were some very nice quiet villages around, and it was nice to experience this kind of countryside living.

Seeing that the light was dimming, I made my way back to Jusco at Permas for dinner. However, Pasir Gudang at that time was pretty jammed. (6pm). I tried to travel by small roads, but it seemed that from Masai, there wasn't any through road to Permas. This was confirmed by checking the GPS. So, no choice, I had to brave the jam to reach Permas itself.

We had some nice dinner there at a Hong Kong sytle restaurant. And quite cheap too. Total cost of a nice dinner was about RM44. From there, shopped a little and then zoomed to Jusco at Terbrau for a show. Caught Rush hour 3 at 9.10pm. It was a good choice as D really enjoyed herself, laughing herself silly.

The show ended quite early (11pm), and we made our way back to Sin. Traffic was very smooth. No jam whatsoever. By 11.30pm, we were already back home, ending quite an eventful although non-fishing day.

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