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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Humble Pie - Six Pipes

There was a PF gathering at SAFYC, Changi Naval Base. We were lucky and got to witness the ending of the round island 30 hrs dragon boating. After that, I just longed for some simple fishing, since I didn't do any on Sat. The tide was on the way down. Andrew said to join me after bringing wife and son to in-laws. Reaching there, the tide was still quite high, but the sun was burning hot to be fishing near the jetty.

I settled down near the canal, just to do some simple fishing. But that side, not a productive spot. There were some taps and eventually, I hauled up one of the culprits, a Puffer. Not good.

Andrew and I decided to move to the jetty for real fishing. This was the spot that I had demostrated my improved fishing powess, by beating TC 9 to 0 some weeks ago. Previous times, my 4lb rig with small tamban hooks worked like a charm, and I was reeling in fish after fish within a short time. But today, rig failed me totally while Andrew was on a roll of several variety of catches. There were wrasse, scat, goby, a baby ACK, a grouper, and maybe others that I had forgotten. Poor me, nothing at all throughout, until he suggested that I changed the rig with his. Okay, maybe that would do the trick. His rig, got this stiff leader that hold out the bait prominently. A point to ponder. I finally did get a fish, but just a Pasir2, as usual.

First Scat

The spot just right in front of the jetty seemed like a productive spot. But at s certain spot, snagged our rigs a few times. Andrew was saying that there were some fishes eating up the baits quickly with barely a tap. He thot it might be glassfish. He finally managed to pull up one, and it was a Scat. He got a few, and the last being one that was quite large. After that, he had to go. I stayed on for another 10-15 minutes, until A chased me to go. Well, alrightly then. Just not on a fishing streak today. Tide also gone to super low level. Thought I had improved quite a bit, but really humbled by a master fisherman today. :)

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