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Friday, April 28, 2006

New Lure - Buy and buy

Just got new lure to replace the one I lost in Ubin. This luring poison, hard to shake off. Up till now, not very fruitful, but still buy and buy *haz*. Never heard of Daiwa lure before, but it looked quite life-like (quite like a real fish). Needed a deep diver. Actually kind of missed the watermelon deep diver from Yozuri. (maybe I will get another one). Currently quite short of salt water divers.

Also got a pink color exori sotong jig. The other time at the kelong, color seems wrong. Pink is the color that worked. Getting ready for my next kelong trip.

exori sotong jig 2.5inch (HSBT $5)
Team Daiwa Crank scouter f-G 1075F-G DD4.5+m/73mm/18g (HSBT $12.50)

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