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Saturday, April 29, 2006

East Coast Park Area C1 Canal Jetty

This is the first Singapore fishing after the one in the kelong. Decided to check out a new place at East Coast Park. Strange thing was that, I had often bladed around that area, but never knew that there was a Jetty there. Only got to know about it from the net.

Upon reaching there, the area looked good and we were the only one fishing around. The area was clean but there were not a single lamp post around, the nearest being the BBQ area. So, when the night fell, the place was quite dark indeed.

We went right to the end of the Jetty for the furthest reach out to the sea. The Jetty was much shorter than the bedok Jetty, I think only about 1/3 of it, maybe around 100 m long. Today, I got quite a lot of bait, as I expected to fish till the high tide, which was to be around 12.30am. I setup my rods and started casting at around 7.30pm. It was already getting dark by then.

D wanted to cycle and they went to look for a bicycle kiosk. But it turned out that the kiosk was very far away indeed. Furthermore, the whole area at the area was very dark, so not very good to be leaving her alone to cycle.

About fishing about half hour later, it seemed that fishes were not around today. When I checked my prawns one time, there was a bite. But other than that, the prawns were mostly untouched. Small hooks with prawn meat also went untouched. Hmm, the area didn't look that good.

I tried out the D5. Ok, I guess. Quite dark, couldn't quite see how it performed. But no whoosing sound like my record :) I think it quite suit my contender better. Currently, looking for another rod for my record. The contender is too stiff for luring purposes.

Around 8pm, another guy came and setup his 12-13 ft surf casting rod beside me. Well, there was plenty of space, so I moved a little for him to take the left side of the small Jetty. He had with him a radio and it was playing some nice music from an english channel. But about an hour later, another group turned up consisiting of 2 boys. They squeezed themselves between me and the other fellow, by setting up in the middle. Woah, it was beginning to feel very crampy. And to my irritation, he started coming to my side and cast around my area. The way he threw his floating rig, it was cutting into my line which I parked on the railings. I was quite irritated. But the boy didn't seem to care. A short while later, god knows for what reason, lots of people started coming to the jetty to fish. I told myself enough is enough and decided to pack up. I really don't enjoy fishing when I had to fight for space. I still had lots of prawns left and I gave it to the 2nd guy with the radio on the Jetty.

First time, I didn't enjoy the night out fishing. Don't think I would ever come here again.

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