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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ponggol 17th

Rallied up TC for a short session and went on to visit the Ponggol 17th avenue that I often read about. Ended up that the location was just next to the Marina at Ponggol. Place was quite clean, and there were like nicely paved walkway for parking our rods. Weather turned out to be quite nice with a strong breeze and overcast sky, although it got a little hotter when we were leaving. The forecast was for heavy rain, but looking at the clouds, not likely to happen anytime soon.

We placed ourselves away from the crowd at the other end. There were bunch of people fishing and I guessed that they had somehow found a way to drive in. So, the concentration of people were a bit further down where the cars were. One even had on his expensive HI-FI some nice chinese music while you fish.

Tide was coming up but high tide was to be around 1.30pm. We wouldn't stay so long, but water was high enough and the sea wall allowed access to deeper parts of the water. We spied a school of small fishes from the sea wall, but throughout the session, no catches or any bites at all. The prawns were either disappearing or not being biten at all.

We packed up after a while and went for some drinks at the Marina. Hm, thot that we were not allowed in. Good place to bring D and A for a visit in the near future. Well, place was nice, but no fish. Maybe another time.

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