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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pasir Pasir at Pasir Ris

Sun was pretty hot today and a comfortable place to be fishing would be Elias Park, sungei api api again. This place, didn't seem to have much people fishing, except for an uncle and his wife. His wife was doing crabing while he was fishing. There was lots of space and along the whole bridge, so it was ok. He was quite good, caught quite a fair bit of small fishes. Got some Catfishes, Grunters and even a small Flounder (solefish). For me, I also setup some small hooks with prawn meat. One thing I had improved on was to try out different hook sizes. I realized that I used to just use large size hooks. But it is not everyday that you will encounter big fishes. So, small hooks for small fishes will improve the catch rate.

At the start, I mostly parked the rods and couldn't catch anything but the baits kept getting eaten. I floated a rig with dead prawns in big hooks and later, dead fish bait, but no action there. I concluded that this area was good for small fishes only.

D busied herself with blading and doing a bit of cycling later. Well, at least my girl knew how to keep herself entertained while her mad fishing daddy is doing the same thing every weekend. :P

There was this malay boy that had a very interesting rod. He took a tree branch and tied some strings and voila, it became his fishing rod. Very inventive. :)

A bit discouraged, I decided to keep all my other rods and hold on to the light tackle with the tamban jig. This way, I could strike the moment I could feel a bite. The strategy worked. Actually, there were alot of bites. I got lucky 2 times and managed to get 2 small fishes. Well, it was a relief. After the big fat zero yesterday, my confidence was going down. Today, it was good to be getting some fishes again. And this time, no more ah sengs. The two fishes were Silver Sillago (in local terms, known as pasir pasir or in Hokkien, swa jiam. Good start to be catching something different in our waters.

Before I packed and go, there came along a group of chinese teens. They had with them a bag of live prawns. (probably bought from the fishing pond nearby). To our amusement, they took the prawns out and beheaded it for bait. ?? I saw them hooked up the prawn head (the poor prawn got decapitated!) and using a handline, lowered it down to the river, in the hope of catching a fish. Well, they will have to wait long long. Some kind fishing uncle went to tell them that they were supposed to just hook the prawns and would be able to catch KBL (seabass) if they do so. I went over to teach them how to do it on the tail. Cute students. They said it was their first time. :)

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