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Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Stuff - L&F DNA 8 ft rod

Last week, I happened to be at Desaru and saw this duo casting lure from the beach with long light rods. Somehow, being able to do that was rather exciting. I stood there to observe for awhile. I hadn't got the guts to go talk to them and to ask what rods they were using. From what I see, it sure looked good.

So started this desire to own a rod like that. I did some research and found that the Evergreen Poseidon "Bayshooter" was good. But being a Jap rod, I was sure that it would be surely out of my price range. (I believe it was in the region of $800). I walked around Beach road, Changi V and couldn't find a suitable rod to do that. It was either too short or too thick and heavy. Then while I was at Hong Guan, the sales boy asked me what I wanted. I asked what's the recommendation for a long luring rod. The boy looked very knowledgable in what I was asking for and was able to tell me what I should get. His recommendation was this 8 ft Loomis and Franklin and this heavier 2 hand HMG CROSS. I tried it for a while and it sure felt good. And the dark blue color was rather nice. It had everything that I wanted, cock handle, good guides, stylish design and I was sold at $85. Later I found out that I could have gotten it at $75....well well. This became my new replacement for the shakespeare that I sold off that afternoon.

Specs was:
Model: JPGH 802s
Length: 8' 0"
Action: Medium light
Line rating: 8-17lb
Lure Weight: 3/16 - 5/8 OZ

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