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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Peacock for Eric

I had promised to bring Eric and Dad for peacock fishing. This was to be that day and we met up at the MRT at an early 7.30am. But Eric's Dad was not able to make it and it was just him. He must had been quite a sight on the MRT with his rod.
We made it to LSR and Eric was all set with his 1 piece rod and specially made tamban jig look alike rig :).

The place at that time was quite empty though there were a couple of old hands on Peacock fishing on our side. Weather was fine in the morning, though it got a little hot around 9am. Water was very very clam. But the action was quite limited. However, Eric with his small hooks did work the magic and he got his first ever Peacock shortly after we started. It wasn't that big but it was encouraging nevertheless. In another 5 minutes, he got his second one. That was quite impressive given that he had never fished for PB before.

Me, I was trying out my brand new 8ft loomis and franklin DNA rod, with my clouser(correction, I thot it was charlie earlier on) flies, berkely gulp and river2sea lure. But all my "high" tech and expensive technic didn't work. Couldn't beat his little hooks with some tamban jig thread. :). As Eric had to go church that morning, we stop around 9am and called it a day.

Someone at the further end of the jetty did get a sizable one, I think 1-2kg. The bigger specimens were certainly very impressive looking with all the glittering colors on its body. Well, I hadn't landed one like that yet. Someday...someday.

So, at the end of the trip, total score then was Eric 2, me 0.

That afternoon, felt unsatisfied with the morning trip and wanted to have a go at it again. Even if no fish, it would be a good exercise and practise. We went home, took a rest and headed for LPR (Lower Pierce Reservoir) at around 4pm. Weather then was very hot, and A and D took refuge under a small tree. But sun was on the way down, and it gradually became cooler around 5 onwards.

There were quite a lot of people there having picnic and generally having a good time out with nature. I setup and tried casting at the legal area for a while. I used my red head but no action. I changed then to my pink gulp, since the packet was already opened. But the entire zone, was fishless. I thought that it was due to the commotion and the noise of people around. I moved further down and overshot the legal fishing zone. But I wasn't feeling too obedient today, and I thot there was no harm in fishing a little outside the fishing zone. The water there was a little deeper and looked more promising.

True enough, I got a few bites, but still nothing was connecting. But I felt more encouraged and eventually managed to pull up one tiny toman. However, it wasn't set too firmly and part way pulling up, it dropped. Since I was standing on some kind of hill, it rolled back into the water. Argh! But then things started to get interesting. I saw quite a few ripples around the area. It was indeed a whole school of toman. Some boys came around and saw my toman that I missed. They too started fishing around the area. I finally got lucky and connected one on the stomach. It was a foul hook. I brought it back to A and took some pics and then let it go. Those people around the park were quite impressed. I went to the area to continue fishing.

The boys too got some hits and finally one of them got one with his rubber worm. They had seen that I was using worm and made the change and it really did work. The trick was to do it like jigging. Somehow the tomans would attack wormy like things, even if it was PINK in color.

I got lucky again and connected one firmly. This time, it was on the lip. Again, trotted back to A, took some pics and went back. Again, I released the fish. The people there were like "ooh, another one." :). I was thinking of packing up and moved back to the legal area. But as I was going back, I spied another toman rise near the banks. So, out went my pinky lure and sure enough, there was a strong hit. But this time, the fish stripped my entire pinky lure and return the hook to me. Wow....might be qutie a big one. :). The boys further down saw the action and was quite amused.

Around six, I called it a day. A and D were quite tired and thirsty. Having "blessed" my rod today, it was ready there and then for more action in future.

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