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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shortest Session & LCK

I wanted to try out kranji reservoir this afternoon, after D's swimming lessons. But barely 5 minutes after I setup, the children were attacked by the mozzie squad. So I only had a few cast on the Yozuri spoon that I got. No bites. But saw lots of suckermouth fishes swimming casually around. However, they were not too keen on spoons, or any lures for that matter. Anyhow, even if I got one, I wouldn't know what to do with it too. After the discomfort of the mosquitos, the thing to do was to pack and go.

At the carpark facing the sea towards MY, the place sure looked dirty like anything.
I drove around and decided to check out LCK jetty since it was somewhat around the vicinity. There were some discussion on the jetty and I hadn't really got a good look at the jetty cos everything I was there, the parking was quite a problem. But today, I parked a little farther and walked to the jetty.

To my surprise, walking around the jetty was allowed. The water around the jetty was likewise quite dirty due to the high tide. There was a family getting on the small motorised sampan with some applicances that appeared to be like TV sets etc. Not sure where they were going. My guess was that they were malaysians. Somehow, this was some kind of permitted transportation to Malaysia. There was an old uncle fishing at the end of the floating platform. He seemed to be having a good time. The water at the end was much cleaner and it certainly looked inviting. I might just want to try out one day. But the problem was that there was no shelter at all. Coming here during the noon time would surely be a hot steaming affair.

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