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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Relax Fishing At Rakit Atan

Nothing to shout about for this trip to the Rakit. But this was the first time for KT and Zul as well as two of their friends that came along.

The morning started rather abruptly with a call from Zul in the morning. We were all woken up by the ringing phone. Then we realized that we had past the meeting time and they were all waiting at our block downstairs.

The night before, we had just returned from JB, Endau Rompin and were dead exhausted. Hence, when the alarm rang at 5am, none of us woke up. We quickly scrambled to don our clothes and made our way down in 10 minutes.

Good thing though, the traffic wasn't jammed and we sailed across the checkpoint effortlessly. From there, I routed them to the eatery near to Kong Kong. We settled down for the first meal of the day. There, we introduced ourselves proper to KT's friends and found to our surprise, that we have common friends that we know. Small world indeed.

Driving the country road

They were indeed surprised that I cuold discover a place like this, that had them driving through rugged terrain and ending up in a world hidden from the mainstream traffic. When we arrived, the "carpark" area was filled with cars, and I decided to park outside instead. The way in seemed to have degraded from all the rain and some parts looked quite dangerous for our wheels to get stuck in. KT managed to find a slot nearer to the entrance. The place was quite packed due to the people doing overniters at the rakit.

Crowded Carpark

True enough, when we were returning, the place was much quieter.

Medusa going to Rakit

Tiram Sports Fishing Team Member

Hey, they got moustache! (strap of my camera)

A quick call to Atan, and the boat arrived. Reaching the Rakit, there were quite alot of people. But already, some of them were packing up. We found a spot near the comfy hammocks and starting to go about fishing.

J's first fish

G's first sizeable Tamban

Double hookup of Glassfish

Fighting with a jumping fish on the other end

We got you, Mr todak!

Seeing that the two new friends were first timer, we started them on tamban jigs to get some smallies. I wasn't sure if the todaks were around today. But after drifting some live baits, we confirmed they were. I managed to set the hook on one of them, and passed the rod to Zul and Jasmine to have a taste of the powerful of a jumping fish. Jasmine finished it off by landing the thrashing long fish successfully. Although Mr Todak was quite a small one, it was photo time, and a shot worthy on the family album.

KT's string of four

Backyard fishing

Zul biggest Grouper

As the tide was coming up, the fishes started to arrived. Zul and Jasmine were fishing at the back of the Rakit when Zul caught hold of a personal sized Grouper. Quite an achievement for a newbie fishing. Grouper was packed into the icebox and to be brought home to brag to Mom and Dad.

Anyone wants to buy my "Salmon strips"?

I was trying to help Garlan land a Todak. There were numerous strikes but unfortunately, they would always throw out the hook. Just 10 minutes when we were decided that we were going, we had a last strike but even though I was doing it, todak managed to slipped off again leaving us the mangled prawn. Alas, his todak would have to be another day.

Writings on the Wall

From there, it was straight to Bukit Indah Jusco for our dinner and some shopping. Rain came rather heavily near the Perling stretch. I was checking out if the cinemas were already up, but seems like Bukit Indah Jusco would not have any cinemas. We made our way back around 8pm and got caught in a little Jam. But the traffic was moving and we cleared it in half an hour.