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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Humphead PB

After a long break, I am getting back to some simple morning fishing
for the ever obliging PBs. I needed the excerise and it felt good to be
out in the morning breathing fresh air. A kaki had kindly shared about this location and we just had to check it out.

Getting to the spot was easy and the terrain was easy walking without having to wade through muddy grounds.

On my first cast, I already felt a tap. Jokingly, I told KT that we should be
able to land at least 10. At the end, I was rather close. I landed 7 and lost 2.
I was using a small charlie, and hence, the fishes were all rather small in size.
But there was a rare catch of a male PB with a prominent hump. Probably my first for this year.

KT did manage one on his trusted rapala and got numerous bites. But since the PBs were small, his catch rate was poorer than mine. But we were all quite happy already. For the last couple of sessions, we were mostly zero.