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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Lures, the Damages so Far :)

Just a stock take.

Yozuri Crystal minnow - Sinking/110mm/15g (I lost 2 of these, can you imagine?)-(SeaTackle ST)
Yozuri Crystal minnow - Floating/90mm/7.5g - (SeaTackle ST)
Yozuri Crystal minnow - Deep Diver 2-4m/90mm/9.5g - (ST)
Duel Live bait, Real minnow, - Floating/70mm/7.5g - (ST)
Luckycraft ESG series - Darter Floating/60mm/6.2g - (ST)

Seawater lures from SeaTackle. Minnows are fairly cheap (arnd $10,$11). The rest are ex. > $15.

River2Sea Middive - 0-2m/80mm/9g - (Sincere S)
River2Sea Humbug - 0.5-1.5m/65mm/8.5g - (S)
River2Sea Humbug - 0.5-1.5m/65mm/8.5g - (S)
My River2sea lures from Sincere. Effective, and cheap too. < $10 for the humbugs. Middive about $11-12. Got a fish each the day I bought it. But the purple one, not yet.

Yozuri ZZ popper Popper/70mm/7.5g - (Changi Pro? CP)
Rapala countdown Sinking/70mm/8g (lost one of these too) - (SM Tackle SM)
Rapala Glass FatRap 1.5-2.1m/50mm/11g - (Hot Spot Bait and Tackle HSBT)
Storm Chugbug F/60mm/7g - Sincere (S)
Duel 3D Quiet Wave Minnow Floating/70m/6.5g (CP)
Duel Aile magnet Floating/70mm/5.5g - (SeaTackle ST)

The ZZ popper was one of my very first lure. Almost lost it many times, but managed to get it back. Once casted out at Upper Seletar Reservoir and the line broke. It ended up floating in the middle of the reservior. I took another lure to cast out to try to hook it back and after many many tries, I managed to somehow hook it and pull it back to me. The guy fishing next to me gave a loud laugh and clapped when he saw that :)

Rapala skitter pop Popper/90mm/15g (Joe Tackle JT)
Rapala Huskey Jerk Suspend/70mm/7.5g (JT)
Rapala Tail Dancer 2m-5m/90mm/13g (SM)
Rapala skitter prop Popper/70mm/7.5g (HSBT)
Duel 3D shad Suspend/65mm/7g (CP)

I started out mainly with Rapalas, but so far, it had not been very successful in local waters. The only one that has gotten me something is the glass fatrap. (pic above)

Jigging lure for sotong - can't remember what brand (Pioneer?)
Polarfibre (CoHo CH)
Charlie (CH)
Clouser (CH)

Flies from COHO, fly fishing speciality shop. (Beach Road)

VANZ Grass Hopper Hook Size #10 (Angler's Pole AP)
VANZ Spider Hook Size #10 (AP)
VANZ Black Bee Hook Size #10 (AP)

Some VANFOOK/VANZ dry flies. Saw these in Angler's Pole. Quite nice, so got it on impulse. About $7 for a pack of twos.

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