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Friday, April 14, 2006

Changi Car Park 6 (SAF ferry terminal)

Visited a new place today. Place kind of dark, but nevertheless, quite comfy as there wasn't many people around. Quite a bit of space I had to the next guy fishing. However, A and D seemed to have a problem with mosquitoes. Strange, I didn't get bitten though. Luckily I had my OFF with me.

The fishing spot is a seawall near to the SAF ferry terminal. Could see NS boys taking the ferry to book in back in tekong. Funny, don't they have a long weekend? Must be those that that got extra duty. :) Water was clean, though everything was pretty dark. The street lamps were more on the other parallel walking path. Quite a challenge to rig up and get everything right. There was a good view of the full moon and if you took the time to just admire it, it was quite a sight to behold, with the clouds clustered around the moon and the wide open sea. I told D to look for a rabbit in the moon and she was so surprised that there was indeed a picture of a Rabbit. Thot she would have known by now.

However, no fishes were biting. But funny, my rubber berkley gulp worm got bitten off at the tail. The prawns were also mysteriously disappearing. But no action on the rod tip. Must be small biat-stealers. Hang around for a while. I rigged up my lure set and I invented a new way to fish. Hook up a live prawn to a lure. Cast it out and wait. :) This way, no need to retrieve. The lure acts as a float and if any fishes go for the prawn, the lure will hook them.

After an hour or two, D got tired and wanted to go home. Bait also ran out. Decided to head back around 12.30am. Another fishless day. Where have they all gone?

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