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Friday, April 07, 2006

New Reel - Shimano Aerlex 2000

Got this together with my Loomis rod from Riverland. Arnd $70. Acutally wanted to get from a forumer, but that guy didn't want to reply to my queries. Fed up, went out to get a new one. A bit better than the Alivio, cos it has hybrid alloy body. To match my 6ft Rapala. Already outgrown the Surecatch Ghost reel.

Review from
"The Shimano Aerlex series has been upgraded.It now features some of the systems used on Shimano's top-of-the-range reels, like the cold forged and double-anodised spool and Shimano's Anti Rust Bearings. The corrosion resistant hybrid aluminum body, Shimano Super Stopper II, Power Roller, SBL and Floating Shaft systems are still on the long list of details for this very affordable workhorse."

Specs on box
Gear Ratio=5:2:1
Ball bearing=1
Roller bearing=1
Line capacity(kg/m)=2/150 2.5/125 3/100
SuperShip (Smooth&HIgh Power System)
Power Roller
Hybrid Aluminum Body

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