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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My First "Record"

Just added a new arsenal to my bag of tackles.
Got my first "serious kick butt", "don't play play", Abu Garcia Reel tonight. A Record40. Henry was so impressed that I know about the record, didn't even needed him to intro to me. He gave a very good price. Very honest chap, this guy. From what I read, it was even lower than getting from Joe's. Guess he knows I am not the bargaining sort, so just 1 number, I happy, I get :).

Four ball bearings
Two roller clutch bearings for exceptionally smooth casts and retrieves
Stainless steel construction, with brass components for superior durability
New carbon matrix star drag system for total fish control
Six-pin centrifugal brake
Corrosion-resistant middle gear bearing
Lightweight vented spool
Swedish-cut, crowned brass gearing
Chemical nickel-coated levelwind
Thumbar line release
Over-sized handle paddles
Beveled edges
Soft rubber thumb rest
Laser-etched logos
Made in Sweden

Stock picture from the website.

Actual picture.

Review by tackletour:

Well, at 200+, this is certainly a record for my most "expensive" reel. All ye Fishes, beware.

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