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Thursday, April 13, 2006

BJT Once More and Incident

Friends of ours wanted to join us for a night fishing trip. Well, the most convenient place happened to be BJT. So, we headed there for a night of fishing. After the last memorable trip, hopes were high.

Got there 2 hours before high tide and managed to find a place pretty much to the end of the Jetty. Surprisingly, it wasn't very packed. And the air this time was not too bad. Didn't have too many a smokers around me. We set camp there and the children had their fun playing "camping". I put my things on two benches so as to mark an area for me to cast. Otherwise, everyone would be standing shoulder to shoulder and would make casting very difficult. Even so, I crossed lines a few times with the fellow next to me.

However, there wasn't much action. I tried all my baits at one go. Berkley Glup, Live prawns, and fresh Tamban. But surprisingly, no bite at all. Luring also didn't work. The womanfolks got their fun of jigging for Tamban and were quite successful. All in all, I think they managed to jigged about 7 of them. Some of these, I used as bait. I tried out my invention of "reverse cable car rig". The regular "cable car rig", you would cast out a line with weight and then use a clip to line another line with a float and a bait (usually little fish). I was thinking why not just clip the floating part together with my line, cast it out and let it float up instead? But it didn't work at all as the floating part of the cable car rig would get entangled with the main rig. So, it wouldn't float upwards after the cast. Well, so much for theory. Anyway, I would cast my regular apollog rig, and then slide down a float with bait. But on pulling up, very messy :), so many lines and hooks. :P.

Throughout the night, there was no bite. Not me or anyone along the Jetty. Not sure if it was due to the full moon today.

For the first time, I used up all my rods. Even my lucky rod didn't work today. I tried out my "Record" and well, Abu's stuff is no BS. It really felt very smooth. And no problems with "beehoon" or whatever. Every cast, you can hear the "whooosh" sound and can hit quite a decent distance.

Around 1.30am, I felt some droplets of rain. Not taking my chances, as we were quite far from any sizeable shelter, we decided to pack up and go.

I will be back. :)

[Afternote (please read after after note for happy ending): I read in shock about someone complaining about me in the forum. According to him, I had cut off his line when it crossed over to mine. It was quite clear it was me as he had described me in lurid details.(though he got the color of my t-shirt wrong.) I remembered that while I was fishing, I had pulled up this tangle of line and thinking that it was the usual rubbish of discarded lines from the sea, I snipped it off and threw it in the bin. Didn't realized that I have offended this guy. Think he was with the group of chinese looking students that were behind me at the Jetty. Dunno why he came over and cast on my side about 3-4 metres away. But he was pretty pissed and called me unprofessional and made petty remarks about my bells and my fishing methods, all very personal. Actually he should have confronted me there and then. I didn't even know that I offended him. He said that I "oei" at him and cut off his line. Strange, yeah, I did "oei/hey" at him but that was just to get his attention as my bell was ringing from his line crossing over. I walked over to lift my rod over his but for some reason, his line suddenly became no more. (probably had been snipped off by me by mistake earlier). I thought it was strange at that time also and walked back to my spot and forgot about the incident. Didn't know that it would cause such a misunderstanding. Can understand his anger if he had thought that I did it on purpose.

Wow, fishing people all very hot, especially young people. Haz, thought of explaining, but I think the correct move is to let the thing blow over. Next time, get pushed into the sea also dunno for what.

For this reason, I avoid fishing at crowded spots. In these places, fishing becomes very territorial, very easy to offend people.]

[After after note: I wrote to the moderator about the incident and we thought to let things cool down. But the situation became worst off when his group of friends started looking out for me. At this point, I thot it was better to clarify in the forum. Luckily, he was quite an understanding chap. We made peace and the issue was closed. Turned out later we became friends and he "jioed" me for a fishing session in future....haha, somehow, we were destined to meet. What a way to know someone :D]

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