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Friday, March 17, 2006

New Reel - Shimano Navi XT 1000

Got from Seatackle. Recommended as a light tackle set together with a Ryobi rod. All in all, about $150. Felt good and could cast a light lure pretty far. Only qualms is the 6lb line is very thin. Don't feel very confident about it holding up to a fish, especially a big one. Never know right? :)

Review from
"Navi XT is an ultra light spinning reel for the beginner angler. It is kept simple but still features all needed functions plus much more. Aluminum spool, Shimano’s Power Roller system to reduce line twist and SBL system to improve the anti-reverse feature."

Specs on the box
Gear Ratio=5:2:1
Ball bearing=3
Roller bearing=1
Line capacity(kg/m)1.5/130 2/100 3/65
SHIP (Super HIgh Power System)
Power Roller
Super Stopper II

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