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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sembawang Park (Beach)

This afternoon, I had to go Semb Park again. But this time, it is at the Jetty side. Friend of ours booked a BBQ pit for a birthday party. I got my gear and try out at the side on the right of the beach. The left side was filled with people fishing and not an free spot was available. The Jetty was full of people doing crabbing. Not likely to be a good area. Probably very snaggy too. It was high tide and the water level was rather high. But the water was very stinky and loads of rubbish floating around. Even got a dead catfish (quite big). My guess is that the rubbish is from the canel. I parked myself next to a red rubbish bin and started casting.

On one of my cast, reel got "beehoon"ed rather badly. (term for line entangling badly on the reel, usually a bait caster). As I was fiddling to fix the beehoon, I had forgotten that the lure was a sinking lure. By the time I got the reel fixed, when I retrieved in, lure hitted a snag. Arrgghh! The new red head yozuri. Not again?? Can't believe it. Lesson learnt: Never let a sinking lure sink! Got out my lure retriever but it didn't help. Line broke when I was pulling back the retreiver. But I thot I might be able to get back the lure when the tide goes down. Ok, just have to wait around. Got to time to lose anyway. I recced around the area and found a spot at the far right where there are less people. Might be a better spot to lure. Try for while but nothing. There was a bit of rain but it stopped as quickly as it came. Went back to the original spot, saw the tide going down. Good, stood around there to wait for the tide to go down.

As the tide receded, the water became better and cleaner. At times, it was rather clear and I could see the lure from a distance of 20-30 metres. On one cast, I saw a sotong a little bigger than my lure chasing after it and when I stopped, it actually attacked it! But it was too small to get itself hooked. It would surely be a "blur" sotong after that. It actually did this another time. Just goes to show that luring does work. Just that, semb park, no fishes around. Not surprising. Poor water quality (quite a bit of oil slick from the nearby shipping dock), lots of crowd...not a place any self respecting fish would visit.

Waited until around 7.30pm and yet no sign of my lure. Found many heavy duty broken nettings on the beach during low. Those netters were such an inconsiderate lot. Actually very dangerous for people who swims in the sea as there are many fishing hooks caught by it and countless sharpish junk. Too bad the line broke, else I could have traced the location. Day light is dimming and it was getting really dark. Haz, after such a long wait and yet couldn't recover my lure. Rats and double rats.

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