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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fish #3

Teng Chin pestering me to bring him fishing. Ok, arranged to go early (like 6.30am!). Don't even wake up this early for work.
Last week's fishing, got a fat 0.

No action in the morning. Bunch of overnighters using live bait got some pretty big fishes. (soon hock, tilapia). About 9am, suddenly everyone started hooking up peacocks. My lures not doing anything. Trying out my polarfibre fly but not working. Maybe battery flat or something. This 40ish man with bicycle came and hooked up fishes after fishes. The resident expert. We went to chat with him. Asked him how come mine don't work. He said my fly not fresh enough!!. Kena suan.

Kind of desparate. Not even a single catch. My BC reel jammed. Teng Chin passed me back my spinining rod. Ok, time for secret weapon. My red head yozuri. After a couple of throws, finally, got something. Haha! My 2nd PB. (peacock bass). But still very small. Nevertheless, felt good.

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