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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Went to check out this place. According to man from SeaTackle, CK, can get queenies, barracuda Reached there already low tide. The water breaker was exposed and it looked like a good place to park there for casting. I took out my rod while A and D went to the adjoining beach to play with sand.

The area at the breakwater was very slippery with algae and I couldn't get near without risking slipping and injuring myself. There was an old couple picking top shells and the woman actually walked bare footed on the breakwater. Humm..must know Qing Gong one. The place looked ok to fish if the tide is higher on the edge beside the jetty. Right now, the sea was too far away to land the lure at a good distance. Not to mentioned the rocky edge when retrieving the lure. Bound to hit a snag.

There was a pack of dogs at the further end of the beach and they started barking to try scare us away. One even edged nearer to threaten us. Good thing they kept their distance and seemed to backed off if you pick something to throw at them. The water trapped inland was good for some shore seashells picking but I heard got sandflies here. True enough, A and D got bitten and so we moved off after a while. Good thing I had my stingnose with me.

Will revisit this place again.

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