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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sembawang Park (Bottle tree)

Went to try out Semb Park Bottle tree canel. Don't think it is a good fishing spot, but trying it out nevertheless as it was rather near to our houses. Furthermore, high tide is around 1-2am. Just nice for a nite out adventure. Arranged with TC to meet 11pm at Yishun Tackle shop (Sincere) to pick up some live prawns for bait. Surprisingly, the shop was quite packed with fishos picking up bait for their night fishing. His wifey decided to come along to check check. After the Lab Park experience, I got an air pump to help keep the prawns alive and kicking. Was intially worried about the lightning but to our surprise, when we reached there, it was brightly lit and populated with scores of families doing a nite out of fishing fun.

We parked ourselves beside a park bench and it was actually rather comfortable. Only complaint was that it was rather stinky at times. (well, canel right?) Helped Tc to setup his fishing gear with all the lighting sticks, bells and whistles. Rather pro, TC and wife was impressed. The area was rather confined and I couldn't do any fair bit of luring without crossing into other people's line. My lure only succeeded to fool TC and wife. They thought my incoming lure was a fish. *grin*. Not once, but twice. The malay family next to us was very noisy, more like a night out than coming here for fishing.

The whole night was rather uneventful. TC got this fierce action of casting but the line ended up only 10 metres away (pic). Luckily he was not throwing a grenade. Got a few false alarms, like the bells going off cos I crossed over one of the lines. A few times, we saw the rod tip dipped a little and then nothing. Checking the prawns, we would find only half of it. Should have some small bait stealers. The guy further caught small fishes and a catfish. (not sure if that was his bait). But he using serious looking 12 ft surf rod, when the canel is barely 50 metres across. Throw too hard, it will land over the bushes on the other side. (maybe can hook up a monkey or two).

After using our last bit of prawn, we decided to call it a day and headed for home. Used live prawns and yet yielded nothing. *Sigh*. What better could we do in terms of attracting fishes? Already the most expensive and delicious meal for free roaming saltwater fishes.

But all in all, a good night adventure.

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