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Friday, March 24, 2006

Changi (Point) Ferry Terminal

CK recommended me this place (Changi Ferry Terminal). I came here for a recee and found it quite comfortable. Not too many ppl and nice clean enviromnemt. Good lighting and facilities, with tables, chairs and toilet nearby. In addition, near to the hawker centre. No problem for food and drinks. Carpark also free and nearby. Not bad.

High tide tonight was 9pm. Reached here around 8pm and starting casting. Just luring this time. Water looked pretty dirty but couldn't see clearly since it was nighttime. But still cleaner than Semb Park. Cast and cast, but nothing. For some reason, my BC reel kept getting "beehoon"ed. Fed-up, rigged up my light tackle for more hassle free fishing. Also nothing.

Moved around the shoreline to try different locations. Quite a lot of couples strolling on the park. Most of them never see a lure before. One couple even came up to look closely at my deep diver. Had a chat to them to explain that this is "bluff" fish.

One cast, I thot I got a hook up when I felt a tug. Pulled in, but didn't feel any struggle. False alarm. But cannot be snag as the line still far. Turned out to be plastic bag. Groupies around the park came to have a look seeing my action and my rod bending and all. Thot I got big fish. Got a scare as I was pulling in, as the line broke. Bag was filled with water, so quite heavy. Mine was only a 6lb line. Max, can only lift around 3kg. Not sure if due to my poor skill in tying albright knot. But luckily, it was already on the rocks. Had to go over the railings to retrieve the lure.

My deep diver lure also on one occasion got snagged. Tried pulling left and right. Thot gone case...but thank heavens, after about 5 minutes, it got free again. *Phew*. Ok, enough. Don't want to lose anymore lure.

Tide going down. No fish means no fish. Didn't see any of the baiters got anything also. Around 11pm, packed up. On the way out, went to chat with one of the young boy. Asked "got fish or not?". He also shooked his head.

Fishless for about 2 weeks already. :(

[Afternote: I realized that this is not Changi Ferry Terminal. It is Changi Point Ferry Terminal instead.]

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