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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fish #4, #5

Just got the middive lure from Sincere Tackle. Lived up to its reputation. Good lure, first use and got me something after like the 4th cast. Ah lau on my right using live bait catfish didn't get anything. Could see his fruss face.

Pink humbug just got in the morning from Sincere worked too! Hmm, good day. The two lures that I just bought this morning got results straight away. Got a baby toman, very cute. But unfortunately, the hooks got it eyes. Not sure if the eyes are damaged. Keeping it in my tank for observation.

On one cast, Pink humbug got stuck on the weeds here...crawled under small hole in fence to retrieve the lure. Immediately, got a middle aged guy from PUB came out from the bushes to say that I couldn't fish beyond the fence. Told him not fishing but trying to untangle my lure from the weeds. they are actually around. Complained to him about the people using bait. (Info - Reservior can only use artificial bait legally. But don't think anyone is following it.)

Encountered a monster fish here that took my red head yozuri (my best lure!). Felt an attack. It might have run into a hole. Definitely not a snag. Lossening the line a little, I could feel it pulling it deeper. I suspected it to be a soon hock or maybe a grouper. Bottom feeding fishes. Tried to pull it out but line knot came undone. Evident from the curly lines at the end. Haz, must learn to try better knots. There goes my favourite lure. Lost a total of 4 lures here. But found a "Madpepper" lure here. Never heard before but looked expensive. A bit banged up with missing hooks. But with a little makeover, still usuable.

[Top] Pink Hambug [Bottom] MadPepper found in KR (added the hooks)

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