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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tanah Merah Canel

Andrew was able to fish today and we were wondering where to go. With the tide at 11am, it was probably good to try somewhere in the east. We met up at CV for a quick BF, and to get some baits. Despite not having a pump, he went for some live prawns to try his luck. I was thinking of doing more luring.

It was decided to test out the Tanah Merah Canel. Since the renovation, I hadn't been there recently. Problem was with the parking. However, today luck was with us, and we were able to park at some open grassy patch area just beside the road. Otherwise, we would have to park at TMFT and walk back.

Place where todak chomped on my lure

Water looked quite promising and we were all quite hopeful. But we realized that the fishes were at the canel mouth instead. I wasn't getting action until and I tossed out my lure at the end and got a Todak mouthing my lure, a Duel 3D 150. But my reaction was slow and it quickly did a few leaps and out came the lure. Darn. The 3D lure exhibited quite a good action of a fleeing baitfish. I was quite surprised as I hadn't quite use it before. The day I could get a todak on lure, I would do a cartwheel across the floor. These buggers are damn smart.

But that gave me some hope, with the todaks around to play with. We saw them hanging out under a floating plastic bag. But after that event, none of the todaks were interested with my lure anymore.

Andrew did a cable car rig and experimented with sliding a live prawn on a float. Sure enough, it worked, and the todaks did go for it a few times. But they managed to throw out the hooks everytime with all their trashing in the water, until finally, a fairly good size for Singapore standard was caught.

My only other brush with fishes on lure was having another todak nipping the back of my Aile diet. And that was it.

The weather was a burning 33C kind of temperature, and we were all definitely redder after the fishing. Not a bad spot, perhaps could try it again during the evening when it is not so darn hot.