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Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Toys

After much research, I finally did it and got myself a surfcasting set. But actually, after getting it, I would have done better with the low end rod. It was just too much money for something that I wouldn't do too often. It definitely broke the bank this month, and I was joking that I had to eat tambans for meals for the rest of the month.

I also made a mistake of spooling a line that I didn't quite like. Quite a waste of $15. Anyway, after getting the rod, I went to changi beach and tried it out. But my first effort was a dismay. I didn't think that the line went beyond 50 metres. Ok, might be wrong technic. Another try, and it was much better. But the baits were all flying all over. I could see that it would be quite a challenge. And the rod at 4.05 metres, wasn't quite easy to handle. The beach got a little crowded with children playing and I didn't want to risk it and packed up soon after.

Will need more training on this.

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