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Friday, September 08, 2006

Changi Coastal Walk

Decided to head for Changi Coastal Walk area to try out. It is just after the Ferry Terminal heading towards the Changi Boardwalk area at the Sailing club. I had often seen this shelter beside the botak tree and also quite prominent on the boat to Ubin. Poor tree was decorated with fishing lines and sangkok weights and hooks. On previous visits, the area sure looked very snaggy and true enough, this was snag central.

But good thing was: The shelter was unoccupied and we had it all to ourselves. I guessed we must had been pretty early, so there wasn't anyone fishing around, except for a chinese uncle to my left. I unpacked and setup 3 rods, 1 floater (as usual), 1 apollo on size 4 hooks and another apollo on size 8 hooks. The tide was low, but I could see it on the way up, as the rocks slowly got covered up by the incoming water.

I got snagged on my floater after about 30 minutes and I had to lose it. The other two lines also got snagged, but luckily, each time I managed to unsnagged it without having to cut the lines. There were some bites, but overall, very slow night. I caught 1 catfish (eeltail) about 10pm and another shortly after. Around 11pm+, the water got really high and more people arrived to fish around the area.

Someone came to the shelter and started claiming a bench. No matter, still lots of space. But he also started casting around my area, and I had to narrowed down my cast window to quite a small one. Anyway, I got an unexpected call from G, and I invited him down for coffee and chit chat. Ater he arrived, I didn't attend to the rods that much and we spent more time talking. Anyway, the action was non-existant and nobody did catch anything, so maybe my 2 cats were already not bad.

I packed up around 1pm and G showed me around the ah quah area. Hey, I had been here so frequently, but this was the first time that I had seen them. So, they actually hang out around the carpark near to the ferry terminal. No wonder. So of them really looked downright like a very pretty woman. Goodness. I told D that they were actually man and she got quite a shock that man would dress like woman. Heh, she had a lot to learn in due time about our world and all the crazy stuff in it.

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