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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Safra Club Algae

Another dismal day. My luck had been going down the drain, and rather a bad fishing weekend. Headed for Safra Club at Tanah Merah as we wanted a shady place, as well as somewhere that D could do a bit of cycling. So after D's swimming, drove straight with leftover baits from last night.

Since it was day time, I had no problem rigging up my big surf rod. I had prepared a rig with an impact shield, as well as gotten some milkfish(dead) as bait. Rigged up everything, bait hook on impact shield and casted. Line didn't go far but no matter, it was in the sea. I left it there and prepared my other rods on apollo with live prawns and worms. Water was kind of choppy and strangely, everytime I was here, it was like this.

When I next checked my bait, it was all covered with green algae. So much that even the prawns were camouflage in thick green algae. How to catch fish like this? when even the predator cannot see the bait. Haz, so it was no surprise that I was to leave the place later with a big fat zero.

Big surf rod wasn't producing any thing either. Bait fish also ended up in thick wad of algae. Furthermore, the bait was like disintegrated, and totally looked unappetizing. Seems like this surf casting thingy wasn' that easy. I packed up the rod after 3 throws and decided to concentrate on my 6 footers.

We stayed till around 3pm when it suddenly rained. I had to quickly packed and got myself pretty wet in the process. First time that I was leaving this place without any catches.

Well, a bad fishing weekend. So much for super high tide weekend. But that should make any next catches all the better. Fishing is a quite a mental thing. If it was that easy, it wouldn't be so fun.

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