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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kallang Park Thursday

Sneaked in a little leave for tomorrow just to spend more time with D for her school hols, so after work, went to Kallang for night fishing. The last time there during the night, it was quite productive, some varied small catches. So it was with high hopes when I arrived at the location. High tide was to be around 11pm, quite a good timing.

Tonight, being a thursday, there wasn't much people fishing around. There were a bunch of uncles at the favourite "under the bridge" corner and I parked myself a little further up. Up went 3 rods, 1 floating on live prawns, 1 apollo on kelong sotong and 1 light tackle on dead prawn meat or small pieces of sotong. I managed to get hold of some kelong sotong at Sincere and it was my first time using sotong as bait.

But the night was slow, and there weren't any catches. I caught about 4 plastic bag though. I wasn't quite in form too, ending up with rigs that didn't look good and badly presented bait. This was to last almost the whole night until around 12+am, I finally landed a small sembilang/ catfish. (Those with mouse head and striped body) Well, at least it wasn't going to be another zero. I released it and was hoping for another but totally no luck. Just as I was making my last retreive on my apollo and dragging the bait back to me, something whacked it and attacked the sotong bait like a lure. I was stunned and didn't react well. The fish made an aerial jump and managed to shake off the hook and landed into the water with a splash. I couldn't forgive myself for missing that chance as the fish was certainly a fairly big one. Even the ah pehs at the corner came over to have a look as they too heard the big splash. Arrrggh! After that, I casted a few more times hoping for the same stroke of luck and worked my sotong bait like a lure, but alas, it was only that one chance.

I went home tonight a very disappointed man. :(

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