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Saturday, September 09, 2006

No Fishing

Tonight was supposed to be a record tide of 3.3m, and should be pretty good for fishing. I thought to try out Changi Naval Base again but my only worry was that it might get pretty dark. I reached the area around 7.30pm and already, the light was fast fading. I tried to setup my 2 big rods and after 10 minutes, gave up. It was just too dark and uncomfortable to do it. Even the lights from the club was not on. I decided to pack up and look for somewhere else.

I drove a little further and went out to East Coast car park G. The last time I was there, it looked quite and might be good for some surfcasting along the shore. So, unloaded again, walked in with all my barang. But to my great surprise, the place was like a carnival. Geesh...packed full with people camping and having a good time.

I thought for a while and decided to quit and go home. Maybe would do it tomorrow. Night fishing was getting quite difficult. :(

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