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Friday, September 22, 2006

Admirality Goby

Had to clear some leave today as I had quite alot of time to clear before the year end, by which time it would be forfeited. But being a Friday, I couldn't use the car and the only option for a spot of fishing would be the back of my house, at Admirality road area, some 15 minutes walk away. The last few times, it had been quite bad, hopefully, the luck would turn today.

As I had to walk, I could only bring along very little stuff, 1 bag and an icebox. Using some milkfish meat and some dead prawn as bait, I rigged up my light tackle and my rapala. But there wasn't much action, instead, I was pulling up plastic bags after plastic bags. At the end of the session, I think I had about 6-7 plastic bags, once even a double hook up. This place here must be really very dirty at the bottom, full of all kinds of rubbish.

On one "powerful" cast, my line whizzed past a tree branch and got hung there. As I was jerking it to pull it free, I must had accidentally strike on a fish. When I pulled back the line to check on the bait, there it was, a fish at the other end. Quite an amazing catch. It was a big goby, just like the one that I had before. Not much use for it and I released it back to the sea.

Caught this pic of a dragonfly resting on my rod tip. Strange, they seemed to like to do that. This wasn't the first time I had seen it. Does a fishing rod tip look like a flower? Another interesting scene was that a monitor lizard was swimming across towards the causeway. That was one sure way of beating the Jam. Interestingly, the causeway itself was rather jam at this time, at least for the lorry lane. In fact, the very impatient truck drivers were honking their horns like nobody's business, causing quite a din. Luckily I don't stay too close.

After my 7th or so plastic bag, I had enough and packed. On the way back, I spied this snake skin on the road. Wow, quite a wild side of Marsiling, this area.

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