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Friday, September 22, 2006

Mad Catter

Would be needing to run in MY tomorrow early, so didn't want to go anywhere far. So figured that somewhere around North would do. D had some homework to complete, therefore, it had to be somewhere bright as well. BottleTree canel fitted the bill and we headed there after picking up some bait from Sincere.

The tide was picking up and at times, the water was a little stinky. Near the place where we sat, some dirty water was coming out from a pipe into the canel. It was a wonder that there were fishes in the water at all. Anyhow, cats are very tough animals, and could survive in all sorts of water condition.

D got to play with her fire sparklers after she finished her homework. The place tonight was relatively empty, and we even have gotten the nice bench right at the end of the park, after the family occupying it went home. For a moment, it was quite spooky if it had not been for the bright lamp posts around.

I had expected to be getting Cats here, and lots of it. No surprise that it was the case. And the bites were fast in between and it was no sweat to be picking up one after another cats. All in all, I got about 20+ cats, even without trying hard. And on one rod. Anyone starting fishing and fairly impatient, this would be the place to come.

i was hoping for maybe 1 or 2 KBL, but turned out to be wishful thinking. Surely there must be some other species of fishes around in the dark murky water. We packed around 11pm, and even though it was the high tide at that time, I had enough of cats.

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