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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Six Pipes Sunday

This morning was a rather hot day, so I thought maybe Tanah Merah Canel would be a good idea. I had not been there recently and we proceeded there after D's swimming lesson.

Upon reaching the place, I was shocked to find that the dirt track entrance had been blocked by some cement pillars. Ouch, there goes a fishable place. Due to that, there wasn't anyone there, which once a upon a time used to be quite crowded. I drove up and down hoping to find a parkable place, but unfortunately, the road there was quite narrow and there wasn't anywhere to stop the car nearby. Darn, I would need to try somewhere else then.

A suggested the Six pipes area, where I had my 2nd Ray. No a bad idea, since I hadn't tried it during the day. We reached there and found a shady spot to put our things. D had lunch and did some cycling while I setup my surf leader. This was the few time that I had used this, and today, I quite got the hang of it and was beginning to find it enjoyable. I managed to cast live prawns without hitting too hard and it did go a little further than all the uncles there.

The place was occupied by a group of uncles and I asked permission to cast my line on the right. They were quite friendly and was ok for me to share the spot. I chatted a little with them, the usual stuff. Looking around, I realized that they had some nice catches, which they tied up with a rope to the sea. There was a about 2 kg Trevally (GT?) and a quite a large ray. Wow! I wished I had caught the Trevally, it was such a nice fish. It fact, about half hour I was there, an uncle caught another one. Fantastic. According to him, there were lots here a few months back, but recently, it had died down.

In front of the Jetty, there was quite a bit of activity from the sailing club. In fact, they were dangerously close to the fishing area. Luckiliy for them, I was no expert long distance caster yet, otherwise, it would definitely be very dangerous for them.

I was hoping that luck would be on me and I might just get one on my live prawns. The uncles were just using dead prawn meat and short rod on Apollo :O. But no luck for GT this time, but I managed to "accidentally" pull up a flounder. With my surfleader, the fellow was too light to be felt. So I was pleasantly surprised to find it at the other end. That was on a LSBF rig. This was to be my first on my Surfleader. Not a fantastic catch, but not a bad fish either.

About one and half hour at the place, it turned dark (although very cooling) and seemed like rain. I looked at the changi area and indeed it was raining. Looking at the direction of the wind, my guess was that rain would be coming. So, reluctantly, I packed and moved out of the area. True enough, it started light drizzle on the way out.

Quite a good place all in all. I shall be trying out more of this place again.

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