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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ubin Whitings

Pica Frnz had been planning this for some time, and finally, we were all together gathered at changi v carpark, all raring to go for the Ubin Trip. We met early at car park 1 and was to gather for an early morning breakfast at the hawker centre. From there, we stocked up on bait and made our way to Ubin around 9.30am. Vinz was the latest to arrived. Once all were gathered, we duly made our way to the ferry terminal and in no time, disembarked at Ubin jetty. The boat trip only took about 10 minutes.

We were thinking at some would head for mama beach first via taxi, but the taxis there were not keen to take such a few people. So, we decided to load up our barangs behind our bicycles and manually cycled on human power all the way there. Surprisingly, it actually worked and we reached the beach within 30 minutes without much difficulty.

The area there was rather clean and coupled with a toilet, it was quite comfortable. Only gripe was the sun, as it was really very hot. We setup and others who were not fishing gathered under the shade for chit chat. Vinz and friend went to cycle around to explore the island.

I took the first fish of the day, a sillago with my light tackle. Alvin got lucky and hooked up a chaoxi shortly after we started. That spurred everyone one and the spot did indeed felt promising. But after that, my luck went down and I didn't get anymore until much later, finishing with a tripod fish. Andrew and elyn were the very expert as they kept hooking up sillago one after the other. All in all, I think they got about 20 of it, in various sizes.

Gary had a go with Alvin's antique rod and once, he had this interesting gar fish going for his prawn. But it's mouth were too small and there was no hook up. But we could see the gar fish lifting it's beak out of the water together with the prawn.

The spot was indeed promising as we haven't even got to the high tide yet. One thing for sure, this was sillago heaven. Thankfully, there weren't any catfishes around.

We left the place around 4.30pm and headed back to Singapore. From there, we had a hearty dinner and some more jokes and chit chat. Everyone's faces were lobster red. It had been a tiring day, but it was great fun.

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