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Friday, April 07, 2006

Sungei Api Api (Salty #3, Salty #4)

Nothing much. Went back to api api for night fishing this time. Bridge is not crowded but there was a gang of uncles and aunties yakking the whole night away talking about everything under the sun (eh, moon) from Progress packages, army camps to kelongs. I just got my Loomis big game from Riverland Tackle and used it right away. Strange, seemed longer than I expected. I later found out that it is a 9 footer. Argh!, I told the uncle that I wanted a 8 footer. Now, it can't fit into my rod bag. But anyway, I have used it, can't return it. Darn! But rod is quite nice and handling is good. I somehow found a way to pack into the rod bag with 1/2 ft sticking out, like radio antenna. (heh).

Tide was already on the way down, but the bite was still quite good. I hooked up two ah sengs (catfish). But tired of getting them. They are kind of like rubbish fish and this place seemed like it has lots of it. I was hoping for sometime more respectable, like a KBL (seabass), but no luck yet. There were quite a number of bites, but I couldn't get a hook up.

Around 11pm, bite rate went down (2 hrs after high tide). But got 1 young couple just came and rigged up their rods. Newbies obviously (haha)...Mosquitoes seemed to out for dinner. Decided to pack up and go.

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