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Friday, August 31, 2007

Changi Car Park 5

Today seemed like a good late night fishing. Weather was superb, considering that it had been raining incessantly for the past few days. Moon was out in its almost full glory. After 7pm, I drove up to Pasir Ris for dinner, planning to move to SAFYC at changi naval base for a spot of comfortable fishing till late. Reaching there, we were told that fishing now would cost $16 for two rods. Holy Toledo! It was only $7 for 2 rods the last time. Furthermore, I didn't get bait at CV, thinking to support him and get the 100g for $4 prawns. Hearing that, I decided to pack up and proceed elsewhere. It wasn't like the place was a super productive spot.

The guard house. D's reading her Pokemon comic.

Moonlight fishing

We then drove to CV for drinks, while I got a pack of live prawns and some tackle shopping. Just wanting to make it simple and convenient, I stopped at Changi Car Park 5 to try out. It had been some time ago since I had been here. I managed to get the last seat next to the army jetty, patrol by guards with rifle. To my thinking, it should be a better spot here.

Just usual, I casted out a long leader rig with my ranggong for live prawns, and another with my squid jig. While waiting for the fish to bite, I would do some squidding as well. This looked like a potential squid spot, being next to a jetty, and with all the lights, should be good.

Rod with live prawns did ring a little, but due to dancing prawns. Reeling back, prawns all covered with seaweed. Other than that, no action whatsoever. Squidding was totally hopeless. But the place was pleasant and clean, and quite well lighted. So, the fishing was quite pleasurable.

D's latest craze. Cutesy turtles.

The children got tired, and went to sleep on the mat. A was also quite uncomfortable due to some ants on the floor. So, at around 12+am, I called it quits and packed to go. A zero for me tonight.

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