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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pasir2 - Six pipes

TC said to fish at Six pipes. The last week, he went on his own, but turned out that he got the wrong place and ended up somewhere near Tanah Merah Canal. But it looked iffy as it was drizzling. However, luck had it that we were both in CV. So, we met and then moved down to SP after some makan.

Weather was cool, due to the wet weather. The normal jetty that I went to, was quite occupied. Seeing that, we proceeded to the jetty on the right. There were some guys already fishing there, but there was some free space for the 2 of us. Rod was setup quickly, and we were soon wetting it. Using small hooks and prawn meat, I got a bite within 5 minutes, and out came a Pasir2. I continued to get more Pasir2 over the next hour. A man was there watching us, and giving out commentaries. TC wasn't doing too well, but finally, he managed a Puffer. Well, better than nothing.

He complained about his rod, and we changed rods to try out. Indeed, his pasar malam rod wasn't too good, and the mono lines were definitely not feeling anything. But I still managed 1 pasir2 to convince him that his rod was capable of getting the whitings. End of the day, total catch for me was 9 Pasir2. I wanted to hit a 10, but hooks were snagged away by some underwater structure. 9 was still a good number. Enough for a small meal.

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