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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Birthday Fishing - Lab Park

Well, the next day, would be another tick to my life. So, I had some priviledge in doing what I like. That of cos, was fishing. But D got swimming that morning, so my day only started after 10.30am. I had thought to do something special, like going for island cruise, and checking out the fishing sites at St John or Kusu island.

However, going island would be expensive, now that the ferry starts from Marina South. Parking itself would be quite a hefty sum. Furthermore, the weather didn't look that good today. Kind of wanting to rain type.

So, driving aimlessly, A said to go Ponggol. All because she wanted to harvest some petai. Ok then. Around that time, about 11am+. Kind of hot on and off, depending on whether the sun got covered by the clouds or not.

Tide was outgoing as high tide was around 10am. I took out my squid jig and tried around the jetty. But nothing at all. Those people there, thought I was crazy. I did a lagi more crazy thing, and took out my Pin Minnow, and did some luring. Cast and cast, and finally got a rock. Lucky for me, the lure wasn't sangkot. Else, heartpain. I eventually did the more sane thing, and rig a size 8 hooks with prawn meat. But since the Jetty was crowded, I cast from the shore. But unluckily, got crossed line with a line from the Jetty. After the untanglement, I cast again, and hooks got snagged. Haz, just not my day.

The weather suddenly turned kooky, and looked like rain. Although the weather was nice and cooling and windy, I could see the rain from a distance in the north. And the wind was blowing towards my direction. Sensing that rain would be coming soon, I said pack. After packing, just when we reached the car, it really started raining. Amazing. :)

So, driving around again, I didn't know what else to do. From Ponggol to changi coast road. And passing there, thought maybe visit secret place. But darn, the entrance was blocked by 2 giant block of stones. Another place gone. But looked like the construction was in the final phase, and the area might be opened soon.

I made a big round about and got on the ECP again. Hmm, maybe just go shopping at Vivo city. Depending on the mood, maybe I would drop by Lab Park for "chermin" fishing :)). One could only hope. But rather hopeless thought, because I didn't have any live prawns.

Reaching there, I rig up a float rig with a double hook on a whole dead prawn. Try my luck, you never know. Maybe got 1 stupid chermin would come to bite this fellow. While waiting, I set up another rod for squidding. Looking around, I suddenly realized that the area I was at, no fishing allowed!?? Why? I didn't understand. And then, I saw the sign saying something like the area was under some conservation thingy, and the main aisle on the jetty was out of bounds. Stupid rule. Cos from the other end, could also cast into the same area. Well, there were others fishing there as well. Not really enforced.

Therefore, I ignored the sign and continued. Squids all not around. Didn't even see a shadow of any. Floating rig also no action. Haz. But the area, rather quiet. Just a few people fishing. The weather, although sunny, was on the way to the evening. It was hot but bearable. Actually, I did enjoy the fishing in such a setting. Even more if the fishes were biting.

And at last, my float rig bell shook violently. Sweet music to my ears! I dropped the other rod, and quickly took the bell off and tighten the line. A father and son passed by and observed the action. Line tighten, I gave a yank and the fellow at the end jumped. It didn't feel heavy, so not a big fish. Once the view got clearer, I saw that it was a todak. I was using a double hook for assurance, and this fellow should not be able to get away easy. It jumped a few more times. I quickly reeled it in before it did any more trick. Once under the Jetty. I swung it over, and it was mine.

People walking by was impressed and stopped to look. Father and son said, wow, this was the biggest todak they had seen over here. Well, I said, quite a small one actually :). D came over with my pliers and also big mouth and said, "Daddy, so small". This girl...

Lab Park Jetty area seemed to be a favourite location for wedding shooting, and photography avids. Got to see those people quite often around the Jetty.

After that, no more action. Just around 6.30pm, I packed and we proceeed for dinner. Not to bad. At least got 1 todak to break my egg on this special day.

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