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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Splish Splash - Lab Park

This morning, went down to SLS to look for my phone charger. Eventually found it, but I had to get the original O2 one, otherwise there was a chance that it would not work again. All my road trips, I had this problem with my phone not being able to charge in the car, running the risk of my phone going low batt in Malaysia. New charger seemed to work well, and problem was solved.

Since I was around Beach road, I dropped by for some tackle shopping. The weather was quite good, I got a pack of prawns from Joe Tackle to do some light fishing later. However, the prawns from Joe didn't look like the usual ones I got from CV. The prawns were more whitish and costed $3. Nevertheless, I bought a pack. Driving aimlessly around, I decided to head for Lab Park to try out some other fishing technique.

This time, we settled down on the left side. First, I tried to do floating, but it wasn't successful. The waves were strong, and the float was back to the rocky banks in no time. I next rigged up my newly bought ranggong. From my boat fishing, I realized that these niffy gadgets were quite necessary, especially when the current was strong. Strong current = line twist. Ranggong was designed to minimise this. Futhermore, it looked quite pretty, with the shiny beads and all.

I casted out far, beyond the rocks. This area was the place that I had snagged so many times. Within minutes, I definitely felt some bites. Pulling up the lines, baits all gone. Just like fishing at the other end. It might be those wrasses again. I rebaited and casted out once more. Finally, there was quite a strong tap. I struck and was delighted to feel some wriggling at the other end of the line. Retrieved it back, there was a beautiful "Butterfly whiptail". I took some pics and decided to release the fellow.

Almost all of a sudden, the waves became very strong and choppy. The high tide today was very high, and due to the high water level, the waves were breaking up the banks of the park, and splashing sea water on people passing by. I couldn't quite fish, without getting wet. Seeing the situation, I decided to call it a day. Not too bad for a short fishing, since I already had a fish.

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