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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Squid Fishing - Lab Park

I had been on this quest to hunt for squidable locations in Singapore. Ponggol Jetty, tried. Next in line, was the Lab Park that I frequent. This time there, main target was to get a squid. My largest squid in Singapore was a measly puny sized one.

High tide today was around 10pm. So reaching there, I was expecting to see exposed rocks in the afternoon. Surprisingly, the low tide itself was rather high. Current was slow, and casting a float, it would stay in the general area for perhaps 10 mins.

I rigged up my Yamashita and went around hunting for squid at the Jetty. Not long into the fishing, someone caught a very nice sized Chermin (~2-3kg). I was full of envy.

I had gotten live prawns today, since it had been sometime since I had fished with live prawns. (not counting the boat trip). So, I setup a float, with a metre long leader on live prawns and tossed it out, chanting for "chermin, please come". But float got no business, and the most was just drifting here and there.

My squidding attempt, did not seem promising at first. Totally no taps or anything. But about 15 mins into it, I suddenly saw with my eyes, a squid going after my yamashita. Yeehaa. But unfortunately, this squid quite smart, and didn't grab my lure. After a while, it was lost. Arrgh.

Biggest Squid in Singapore to date

And another time, while meddling with my float rig, I saw another squid going for my live prawn. Wow! This time, I rig up my Yozuri, orange 3 one, and cast it out. I thought that my jig might be too big, hence no bite. About 10 minutes later, a tap was felt. But I wasn't too sure, as the place was quite snaggy with weeds. It might just be weeds. But pulling in the line, yahoo!, a squid. But the squid was only caught on 1 tentacle, and I was quite worried that I would lost it. But luckily, the hookup held, and I managed to swing it over the fence, and onto my things. Bad mistake. Black ink all squirt out and mess up my belongings.

Excited children exploring the squid

Some people were passing by and were quite delighted to see a live squid being caught. Of these, there was a lady with 2 pri school children. They were so excited, that I offered them to touch the squid and take some pictures. In fact, they asked lots of questions, and hang around to see me catch another. Stressed! But after that, squids all gone. Totally no bite at all.

The jetty became dark, and would be closed soon. I moved all my rods to the Park area to continue fishing. But the Park was dim, and fishing became quite difficult. My Yozuri got caught in a snag, and was lost since it was only an 8 lb leader. Ouch. I had been losing quite a fair bit of lures, hurting my pocket.

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