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Thursday, August 02, 2007

BaitLess Fishing - Six Pipes

I was clearing leave today with work kind of slow in the office. The plan was to hit Six pipes for an early morning fishing and then back home, and perhaps visit the firefly cruise that night. So after dropping the kids off to school, we popped a coupon and headed down to Changi V to get baits.

But unfortunately, all the tackle shops were closed. Even the market also not opened. Without much choice, I decided to try Six pipes anyway, baitless.

We reached there after getting food from CV around 8.30am. Tide was really really low, so much so that I think it is only maybe 2 feet deep. But weather was just beautiful, nice and cool. I rigged a tamban jig and dropped it in the water. But it couldn't even stretch the full height of the leader. I cast it out then hoping to have luck on the retrieve. The water was on the coming in, and gradually got deeper. A man was casting net. But we all know that it was quite a fruitless time to be fishing. But nevertheless, I cast and cast, and kept trying.

So, it was my lucky day, when something took the jig. It fought a little, and out came a nice grunter. Not big, but good enough for me that morning. The fishes seemed to be coming in then. Not long after, I got another small fish. (glass?). But at 9.30am, the sun started coming out. I thot it was enough and packed.

Not too bad for a baitless, lowtide morning trip :)

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